With a little bit of luck

With St. Patrick's Day right around the corner, we decided to learn a little bit about our favorite vintage lucky charms. Here is what we found. 

One in 10,000 clovers will have the coveted, lucky fourth leaf. The leaves symbolize faith, love, hope and luck.

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Iron horseshoes were thought to ward off malevolent imps and spirits in the Middle Ages, and the shape has endured as a lucky charm.

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Catching the "lucky break" from a bird's breastbone, or "wishbone," may date back to the Middle Ages, according to folklore. We do know that some cultures "read" a goose's wishbone to determine the severity of the approaching winter up until the 19th century.

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Also, because the NYC St. Patrick's Day parade is literally around the corner, we will be closed on Tuesday, March 17. We will return to our regular hours on Wednesday, March 18.