At Gray & Davis, we adore helping couples select the perfect  engagement ring. We know it’s just the beginning of a fun and exciting time. Finding the right ring, just the right style and, yes, the right budget, is hard work.

Wherever you are in the process, we would love to help.

See more of our wedding bands on Pinterest

See more of our wedding bands on Pinterest

It has taken us years to build our collection of vintage and antique engagement rings. Our rings are special pieces, not materialized in a day but crafted as miniature works of art. All have survived the test of time. We delight in sharing them with you, to be worn and appreciated for years to come. 

For those looking to create a piece from scratch, our GIA graduate gemologist(s) are available to help you select the perfect diamond and design a bespoke ring based on your ideas. All of our custom jewelry is made right here in NYC, and we offer the option to use recycled materials whenever available. Be it antique, vintage, or a custom design, our engagement jewelry offers an elegant solution to those seeking ethically and environmentally sound options. Please stop by or drop us a line with your ideas.

Questions about diamonds? Browse the Gray & Davis Diamond Guide for an overview of diamond cuts, colors and clarity grades! Wondering how to care for your vintage engagement ring? See our Ring Care Guide. And, don't forget insurance.