Victorian Rose Gold Serpent Ring

Meet the newest addition to our collection of Victorian serpent rings:

Two happy serpents are intertwined as a symbol of love and commitment. The rings is crafted in 14k rose gold and each serpent's head is set with a sparkly old European cut diamond. Dating to the late 19th century, this sentiment and beauty of this ring endures in our own time. 

Queen Victoria Remembered

On this day in 1901, Queen Victoria passed away after 63 eventful years as monarch of the British Empire. At Gray & Davis, one of our areas of expertise is the eclectic jewelry made during Victoria’s reign.  Characterized by rich gold and silver, exotic gems and inventive design, here’s a few pieces from our collection that we think Victoria would be proud to lend her name to:

From top to bottom:

- Aesthetic style fan watch pendant with rose cut diamonds and black enamel, c. 1890

- Silver bangle with Scottish agate inlay, c. 1860

- 18k gold, sapphire & diamond double serpent band. London marks, 1896. 

- Buckle locket ring with hair, 2nd half of 19th century

- Natural pearl with rose cut diamond surround, c. 1880

- Two gold and old European cut diamond rings, late 19th century

- Stunning gold brooch with applied gold beads, c. mid 19th century

- Victorian woven link chain with applied wirework clasp

- Impressive fringe earrings with twisted rope detail, c. 1870

All pieces currently available at Gray & Davis. 

French Art Nouveau 18k and Star Sapphire Serpent Scarf Ring

Back in August when we gave a talk at the Brooklyn Brainery, some audience members ended up starting a long discussion about how brooches and pins needed to make a comeback. We couldn’t agree more! So many fabulous antique jewels languish away in cases, just waiting for somebody bold enough to bring back the brooch. So, to that end, say hello to our Art Nouveau scarf ring! 

18k yellow gold and star sapphire scarf ring.  French marks, c.1900. For sale at Gray & Davis. 

18k yellow gold and star sapphire scarf ring.  French marks, c.1900. For sale at Gray & Davis. 

A sculptural 18k yellow gold serpent coils around itself and sports a purple star sapphire on its forehead in this delightfully specific piece from the turn of the twentieth century. French marks, c. 1900

What is a scarf ring, you may ask? It is exactly what it sounds like: a large, decorative ring that holds a scarf in place. 

Our serpent scarf ring has a sturdy spring action pin that still functions perfectly. 

Though scarf rings are not as commonplace an accessory as they were in the early 1900s, Hermes still produces a number of styles. 

So, we challenge you to go beyond the world of ring-bracelet-necklace-earring (even though they are great). Accepting odd and forgotten forms of antique jewels into your repetoire will open up a whole new world of accessorizing capabilities. 

Gray & Davis Holiday Gift Guide: For the New Collector

Know somebody just recently bitten by the antique jewelry bug? Go for a classic collector’s piece; something that’s obviously from the olden days that can act as both adornment and conversation starter.

Victorian Sardonyx and 14k Gold Cameo Fob, in our  online shop .

Victorian Sardonyx and 14k Gold Cameo Fob, in our online shop.

The watch fob

A relic of yesteryear, watch fobs are large charms used to counter the weight of a man’s pocket watch, when worn with an Albert chain (photo) on a vest. Today, we co-opt these neat pieces as pendants. The come in all sorts of cool shapes, and look great on a longer chain. Often, each side of the fob has a separate design; it’s like you get two pieces in one!



The snake ring

Victorian 10K gold nested snake ring, in our  online shop .

Victorian 10K gold nested snake ring, in our online shop.

Snake jewelry hasn’t been out of style since ancient Egypt, but the Victorians really took it to the next level. Queen Victoria herself received an emerald set snake ring from Prince Albert as her engagement ring.  A symbol of eternity, wisdom, and fidelity, a snake ring is one of the most recognizable pieces of Victorian jewelry out there. 



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