Ring Maintenance: How to Deal with Loose Stones

If a gemstone ring is worn frequently, chances are that sooner or later the stones will become loose.  If this happens to you, don’t panic because it happens to everyone! You wouldn’t expect a car to be used day in and day out without every requiring maintenance, and jewelry is no different.  Our hands are busy---even when extra care is taken, over time a ring is bound to take a little abuse. Bumping into the edge of a drawer, getting snagged on clothing, and general wear to prongs can all contribute to stones getting a little loose in the setting. 

In order to be sure that a gem doesn’t fall out completely, there are some easy preventative measures that can be taken.

1)      Try to avoid wearing your ring while sleeping or doing any sort of manual labor. This will help keep the stones tight in their setting for as long as possible.

2)      Every once in a while, do the “tap” test. Hold your ring up to your ear, grasping the metal band. Tap the band lightly, and listen closely for any rattling noises. If you hear any rattling, it means the stones are a bit loose and need to be tightened.

3)   If there are any signs that a stone is loose stop wearing your ring, and bring it in to Gray & Davis for a complimentary ring checkup! This service is included for life with every ring purchase. We’ll tighten all the stones, give it a good cleaning and examine it to see if any other repairs are needed. Even if you don’t notice anything amiss, we still recommend bringing in your ring every six months to one year just to be sure.