Antique Baby Rings for Grown Ups

Some of the most adorable items we come across in our antique jewelry searches have to be Victorian baby rings.

Back before things like choking hazards were really worried about, parents would dress up their infants and toddlers in miniature jewels made specifically for children. 

A brief foray into the world of Mom Blogs told us that today public opinion is generally against putting rings on babies, but that’s ok because it means us adults can coopt these baby rings for our own purposes.

Here are our three favorite ways to incorporate antique baby rings into your grown-up jewelry box:

1. Midi-rings!

Many of these baby rings are just the right size to be worn as midi, or “first knuckle” rings.  An old ring that perfectly fits a new trend!

2. Charm-ing Pendants!

This lovely gift idea speaks for itself.

3. Wallet-Friendly Engagement Rings!

We are big proponents of sticking to a price point that’s comfortable when buying an engagement ring, because getting engaged should be something that is 100% fun and wonderful and 0% stressful. Since antique baby rings are made with small gems and/or amounts metal, they tend to be super affordable! Of course, we can always size them up to fit your grown up finger.