234 West 13th Street

We are so thrilled to be all set up at our forever-home: 234 West 13th Street. 

The new Gray & Davis boutique occupies the spacious ground floor of a lovely old Victorian brick apartment building c. 1890. 

Before the current building was erected, the land was occupied by a stable. It was sold for development along with 7 two-story brick buildings along the same block for $25,000 back in 1882.

Over the years the apartments were occupied by working-class New Yorkers: dressmakers, masons, clerks, grocers, machinists and their families have all called 234 W. 13th their home. 

The ground floor, where Gray & Davis is today, was originally the business place of a marble importer. By 1909 the space was occupied by A. Berni, who sold "Organs for Carnivals, Merry-go-Rounds, Skating Rinks and Moving Picture Theaters."

In 1919, it was a grocery store, and in the 1930s a Ford dealership. Most recently, 234 W. 13th was a vitamin shop.

We are very excited to be the next chapter in the life of a great old New York building.