Something Old, Something New(er)

A fun fact about fine jewelry is that when melted down into a lump, the raw materials still have significant value. Precious gems are pried from settings that have gone out of fashion, the metal scrapped and the jewels re-set in something more current. Of course, sometimes jewelry is sent to the scrapper out of necessity rather than choice. Even Louis XIV was forced to melt down the solid silver furniture in Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors to fund more pragmatic endeavors.

Precious metals can be re-melted and refined indefinitely. It’s possible that the gold in your brand new wedding band got its start as a goblet in 12th century France and you’d never know! Diamonds, however, can sometimes provide clues that they once belonged to an older piece.

Which is where this fabulous thing come in:

Retro cocktail ring in 18k & platinum. 6.4cts of old mine cut diamonds - available at our 47th st. Shop. 

This giant cocktail ring is pure 1930s glam. It’s bold, it’s modern, and was surely a prized possession of the machine-age lady who had it made.

But a close look at the impressive diamond cluster reveals more to this ring’s story. Steep crown angles, small tables, wonky facets and mismatched colors - these stones were clearly mined and cut decades before this ring was put together.  It looks like Ms. Machine inherited a big old Victorian brooch from her favorite great aunt. She felt an emotional connection to the piece, but not a stylistic one. The diamonds were salvaged, a brooch became a ring, the cycle continues.