October Opals

Of all of the birthstones, the October Opal has the broadest range of color in a single gemstone. From the blazing orange of a fire opal, the dusky blue-green flash of a black opal, this silica mineraloid does not disappoint. We usually find them cut en cabochon, but finding a faceted opal is not unheard of.

The opal’s reputation has oscillated wildly across the ages. In Medieval times, the opal was believed to have protective qualities, that it possessed the powers of every gemstone whose color was visible in the opal. However, a Victorian novel depicted the stone as a villain’s talisman; public opinion and opal sales soured for decades after.

Now back in our good graces and in our jewelry, opals are an eye-catching way to add a play of color to your collection, and simple opal jewelry usually doesn’t break the bank. Today, most opals are mined in Australia, making it an ethical gemstone option, as well.

Antique and vintage opal and gold rings at Gray & Davis.

Antique and vintage opal and gold rings at Gray & Davis.

Help us say happy birthday to our October friends with opaline flash!